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As an Orange County Private Detective Armando Zatarain has helped dozens of people from the general public solve difficult issues. Additionally, Armando has assisted a number of prominent attorneys in difficult and higher profile cases. Here's what just a few of the clients had to say about the experience with Armando Zatarain Investigations.

May 15, 2014

Zatarain PI Helps LAPD Officer

You are an angel!

It was an absolute pleasure having Armando work on our case. He was extremely professional and polite who provided updates in a timely fashion. His positive and confident attitude help to put us at ease through a very stressful and emotional time. I highly recommend Armando to anyone who is looking for a competent and capable professional PI.

What a blessing you have performed. All I can say is: THANK YOU!

-- Paul M.-LAPD Officer

October 29, 2011

Zatarain PI Helps Find Missing Person After 50 Years

You are an angel!

I cannot believe first of all that Alicia would come up to me in the Hall of Records and volunteer to help me search for my neighbor's son. Second, it is so astonishingly generous of you that you would give her permission to spend her time and use your resources to FIND this man!

It was a miracle. This man had not seen or heard from his mother in over 50 years. The sad part is just that my neighbor would not allow me to search for her son while she was alive. I had been hearing about him for 30 years and I had come to believe he had died as a child.

When the mortuary asked me for information about my neighbor's life and whether she had relatives I felt I had to make an attempt to track down her son, but I did not expect to find him.

Because of you and Alicia, I was able to give him stories about the mother he barely knew as well as pictures, papers, items of hers, and the key to her safe deposit box--who knows what he will find in there!

What a blessing you have performed. All I can say is: THANK YOU!

-- K. Voorhees

Zatarain PI Reduces Serious Felony to Misdemeanor

I was being falsely accused of two felony charges. The desperate situation called for someone who could prove my innocence. Armando Zatarain promptly began working on my case by collecting crucial evidence and interviewing key individuals. Armando gave me hope in an impossible situation. Piece-by-piece he partnered with my attorney to build my case. I believe it was because of Armando and his efforts that my charges were reduced to a simple misdemeanor. After the case settlement, Armando even went as far as providing me with a packet to assist in applying for future employment.

I would highly recommend Armando to anyone in need of a private investigator service. Thank you Armando for going above and beyond.

-- Bryan B.

Zatarain PI Resolves Family Matters

Armando, I would like to thank you for everything you did for me and my husband and the extras. You have a good heart Armando and God will always bless you. You have a big place in our hearts.

Things are better, we talk to mom and grandma but it's hard with mom. I just can't forget what she made us go through. But you were a peacemaker in our family. You will always be remembered in our family and hearts. Thank you again.

-- L.O.

Zatarain PI Finds Hidden Assets

Thanks so much for your assistance in tracking down assets in our settled case. Your professionalism and perseverance resulted in us being able to collect our judgment.

-- Stephen D.

Out of State Private Investigation Successfully Resolved

Never having been in a legal situation as the one we had with our son before, it was a great help and our good fortune to have wisely taken the referral from our lawyer to use Zatarain P.I. services. Because we lived in a different state and could not be near our son to deal with his situation, it gave us great comfort to have Armando on our side. Besides the investigative work he did for us, (which was great!), Armando was very approachable and available when ever we felt the need to talk to him and when we needed advice. Because of his law enforcement experience, he was able to answer a lot of questions on the law enforcement end of our situation. We also feel that he was directly responsible for the turn of events that later resulted in the most favorable outcome for our son. Armando showed compassion and sensitivity at a time that we desperately needed it. Because of his work we felt that we truly did the very best we could for our son and we will be forever thankful and grateful to Armando for going what we felt was the extra mile in helping us.

-- B&MH

Case Solved in 72 Hours: Zatarain PI

First of all, I want to thank God that he put in to my life a really kind person (PI Armando Zatarain). Private Investigator Armando Zatarain is really respectful, honest, and professional. I really recommend him as a PI because when my brother really needed an investigator, Armando had my brother’s back, even though there was not enough time and information (less than 72 hours to complete the case). I can say today that he is an experienced, helpful, and hard working PI.  He helped us on my brother’s case without hesitation in spite of the short time frame and the poor information we had. In our family’s name, I really want to thank PI Armando Zatarain. Due to his hard and excellent work he obtained information in a short time so that my brother was able to successfully resolve his case. Especially because it was a really complicated case.

Thank you very much, Armando we wish you the best. God bless you.

-- Wendy R.

December 6, 2011

Zatarain PI: Justice Served

In 2009 my brother faced two life sentences, he was being accused of attempted murder and the only witness was the victim and she testified accusing my brother of being the perpetrator. This case was truly a Hollywood movie come to life as my family and I knew my brother was innocent but had no idea how to go about proving it. There were many inconsistencies in the victims' story and there were several of the victims family members who were aware of the her mental health issues along with her well known issues of being a compulsive liar, but how could we obtain that information?

When going through such a difficult situation, it's hard to know who you can trust and my brother, my family and myself placed all of our trust in Armando Zatarain Investigations. For two years Zatarain and staff kept consistent contact with me and provided me with updates regarding any leads. Information obtained, and statements gathered by Armando, were utilized by the attorney during the two week long trial. My brother was found NOT GUILTY. My brother, my family and I are completely and forever grateful. I highly recommend Armando Zatarain Investigations.

-- E.R.

January 3, 2012

Zatarain Investigations Solves Child Abduction Case

One question one needs to ask themselves when their child is abducted is: Do you love your child?

It is that simple. And if you do you have to fight every waking moment to be reunited with your child. There cannot be any other priority in your life asides from being reunited with your child.

I am a victim of child abduction and possibly like everyone else that has been a victim, I could never imagine anyone being so cruel to abduct my son.

I tried every possible way to locate my son who was abducted in the 3rd week of May 2011. For over 7 months all the leads to locate my son hit a dead end. And this is working with state, federal and even university law enforcement. After emotionally, physically and emotionally exhausting a friend recommended that I retain Armando’s firm to locate my son. I was a little bit apprehensive as could not imagine what else they could do, but I do love my son and decided to engage Armando’s firm on 12/8/2011.

And what a day that was. The flurry of work that Armando and his team did was at best dizzying and they cared, God they cared. They asked me every question and coached me to share everything and anything. Things that I thought were irrelevant were relevant and things that I thought were crucial were not. This is when I realized Armando and his team are true experts, and the word “investigator” has its own planetary orbit. The tools, thoughts, and process that Armando and his team have at their disposal are just magical. And the word care comes to mind as they understood all the implicit issues and concerns that I had. They were very delicate but precise in executing every task and worked tirelessly. . Armando gave me a simple promise: “I will get your son back before Christmas.”

Additionally I got calls and emails from Armando to make sure I was keeping my emotional meridian in a calm zone and he understood the type of person that would abduct a child. His vast experience in law enforcement allowed him to work with law enforcement agencies in ways I could not. Even the day I was being reunited with my son he coached me on what could happen. And it was exactly as he predicted and did exactly what he told me.

So going back to how one should think if their child is abducted. If you love your child and want to be reunited do not be as stupid as me and try to figure it out yourself and hope you learn from my experience. What took me 7 months to locate my son, Armando and his team were able to do it in SIX yes 6 days. They will engage you, take care of you, and they will meet their word. They kept their promise to get my son back before Christmas and this is the best Christmas I have ever had.

I could not recommend them more without any degree of trepidation.

-- A Very Happy Father

August 20, 2012

Restraining Order - Assault Case

We're in the middle of resolving the legalities regarding an incident between my husband and another man that has turned our lives, my mother-in-law's life and the life of a man who was nothing more than a good Samaritan, into a nightmare. I'd love to be more explicit, but we're not done yet and I don't want to say anything that might jeopardize the rest of it.

What I can say is this: When the good Samaritan's day in court came, it was Armando Zatarain's thorough and discreet job of investigating the incident and then interviewing the witnesses that ended up winning the day for all of us. In court, Armando coolly and calmly impeached the testimony of the other side's "key" witness, which tilted the scale heavily in our favor, helping us to win the first battle.

Throughout the preparation for that day, Armando was always there for us, always available, day and night, both keeping us informed about where we stood and answering our questions. On the rare occasions that our calls to Armando went to voice-mail, he always called us back within a very short period of time ... we never had to wait long for a call back from him.

Armando never lost sight of the fact that this incident was affecting our entire family. When our son had concerns that we couldn't calm, we felt confident in telling him to call Armando to get the answers that he needed, first hand. And when he did call, it was Armando who put our son's mind at ease.

Most sincerely, we hope that no one ever has to have their lives disrupted, the way that our lives have been. But if that day DOES ever come for you, we can tell you with confidence that having Armando Zatarain in your corner will be the best hope that you'll have of getting your life back under your own control again.

-- Sandra and Gary K.