Attorney Testimonials

As an Orange County Private Detective Armando Zatarain has helped dozens of people from the general public solve difficult issues. Additionally, Armando has assisted a number of prominent attorneys in difficult and high profile cases. If you have a serious issue which requires expert attention, we are happy to recommend any of the attorneys below. Working cooperatively with these fine legal experts, Armando Zatarain can help you acheive better results in the courtroom. Here's what just a few of our attorney clients had to say about the experience with Armando Zatarain Investigations.

I am a criminal defense lawyer, practicing in Orange County for 38 years. The investigator I use in my practice is Armando Zatarain. Recently I had a client accused of attempted murder, gang member discharging a firearm, ADW, street terrorism, and with enhancements for criminal street gang activity. He could not make his bail of one million dollars, and so remained in jail. I felt the case was weak and my client was likely innocent. There was only on eye-witness linking my client to the crime scene, and he moved his residence right after the incident.

I hired Armando to find and interview this witness. He found the witnesss, and his interrogation revealed that the eye-witness' ID of my client was shaky at best. I turned his report over to the deputy D.A. on the case, and this was a very important component of the final disposition of the case: dismissal of all charges, and the release of the defendant from the O.C. jail.

I would highly recommend Mr. Zatarain's services to any criminal defense attorney.

-- Robert Crawfis, Attorney at Law

Armando Zatarain has become my “Option #1” when it comes to locating civil defendants, finding assets and gathering information necessary for my civil matters. He is responsive, thorough and a consummate professional. Armando is efficient and extremely fair with respect to his charges, which both I and my clients truly appreciate. I highly recommend Armando to all attorneys, criminal and civil.

-- Jeremy Osher, Attorney at Law; Boren, Osher & Luftman

I am an attorney whose practice focuses on family law issues. I have recommended that my clients hire Armando when evidence is needed to support my client’s argument that the opposing party has hidden assets or exhibits behavior that places the children of the relationship in danger. Armando is great with listening to my client’s needs and helping to figure out the best way to assist my client while keeping costs to a minimum. Although I receive a number of solicitations from private investigators, I routinely use Armando Zatarain because I trust him to do what he says he will do.

-- Janet E. Dockstader, Brandmeyer Gilligan Dockstader & Davidson LLP

Armando Zatarain stands above the rest. His reports are very concise and thorough and his work has directly led to various dismissals for my clients. I would recommend Armando to any attorney or potential client out there.
-- Daniel Cota, Daniel Cota Law Offices

I felt like I had my own 24 hour in house investigator.
-- Keith Bruno, Keith Bruno Law

Armando Zatarain is a tireless and skilled investigator. I have worked with Armando on several cases and he impresses me every time. He is always accessible and his analysis and approach are unrivaled. We recently worked together on an indecent exposure trial in which his work proved instrumental in the not guilty verdict. I recommend him without reservation.
-- Case Barnett Attorney at Law

Armando and I have gone on to work together on many serious felony cases over the past several years I have had the pleasure to know him. As a direct result of his assistance, I have won case after case... Read more here.

-- Chuck Stoddard, Paladin Legal Defender

I have been a criminal defense lawyer for over 25 years. During the course of my career, I have worked extensively with many private investigators. In 2001, I was introduced to Armando Zatarain by a colleague of mine. It has been a great pleasure working with Armando. He is honest, professional, responsible. reliable, diligent and highly trained in his field. He has been an invaluable asset to my practice and I look forward to working with him in the future.

-- Douglas W. Otto, Attorney

I have been a criminal defense attorney for 13 years and I continue to use Armando Zatarain as my primary investigator. Recently, I assigned investigator Zatarain to interview an alleged victim who was seeking a restraining order against my client.

The petitioner and my client were involved in a romantic love triangle with my client's wife and the petitioner had asserted in court documents outrageous and stalking-like behavior on behalf of my client. I allowed investigator Zatarain great latitude in dealing with this critical complaining witness. During their interview investigator Zatarian strategically but ethically made it clear that certain accusations made by the petitioner would not hold up to scrutiny on cross examination at the hearing. He also established that I would be obligated to probe into matters surrounding the allegations that would be highly embarrassing to the petitioner and his wife. He encouraged the petitioner to enter into a dialogue with me and when the petitioner did so I was able to more fully explain our position. The next day in court the petitioner voluntarily withdrew his petition for a protective order prior to the hearing and the temporary restraining order was immediately dissolved.

-- David Borsari, Attorney at Law

I would like to compliment your firm for the outstanding work performed on my client’s behalf. Your investigator, Joe Munoz, helped to garner a dismissal in a recent case where I was representing a L.A. County Sheriff’s Officer, accused of a crime which could have ended his career.

The need for a favorable outcome could not be overstated, since the deputy’s career and means to support his family were contingent on the outcome. Investigator Munoz’s bilingual skills, and ability to elicit the necessary facts from witnesses, led to a dismissal of the case. Thanks for the excellent work. I will certainly use your services again.

-- Shane R. Pariseau, Attorney at Law

Armando Zatarain is an excellent investigator. He is diligent, hard working and tenacious. He possesses the professionalism of your most polished attorney, and the mind of scholar. I have used his services many times, and his investigation had led to many criminal charges with being reduced or outright dismissed. In two particular matter;

1. A Los Angeles County Criminal Felony Charge of Forcible Rape:

He interviewed the victim, a minor, several character witnesses, and other credibility witnesses, that led to a reduction of the charges from Forcible Rape to Unlawful Sex with a minor. The client was released on a credit for time served disposition, when he was originally facing 8 years in State Prison.

2. An Orange County Gang Discharge of a Firearm Case:

He interviewed several hostile percipient witnesses, and the alleged victim. He obtained some very inconsistent statements, which helped get the case dismissed at the preliminary hearing. Our client was facing 10 years, got out of jail after only 23 days.

-- Jeff Tatch, Esq.

Investigator Zatarain made the difference between 7 years in state prison and 90 days of home confinement for my client. My client was in an ugly bar fight. He told me he was just defending himself, but all the witnesses in the police report said my client made the first move.

Witness statements all look the same on paper, but it's a different story in court when the jury can see and hear the witnesses testify in person.

Investigator Zatarain's knowledge and experience gave me a snapshot of the witnesses and I knew exactly who I would be dealing with before calling them to the stand. After Armando completed his thorough investigation I knew that these witnesses would have a hard time convincing the jury of anything. Armed with this knowledge, I was able to get the DA in direct contact with the witnesses and the case resolved for a misdemeanor within 48 hours.

-- Mark A. Gallagher, Esq.