These are actual case files from the offices of Armando Zatarain Investigations, an Orange County Detective (OC PI). We have either changed or omitted last names to protect the innocent and all parties concerned. Please read on to see how we can assist you with sensitive situations and problems. Armando Zatarain thanks the attorneys involved for their team work, cooperation and legal expertise in helping to resolve some very serious cases.

LAPD Officer Accused of Brandishing a Firearm

Our client Paul is an LAPD officer. He is a strong, but polite and very quiet man. He is also African American. One evening a neighbor invited him to go out for a drink at a bar in Orange County. Paul accepted and had a couple of beers over the course of several hours. Paul was leaving the bar, with his neighbor when his neighbor allegedly slapped a female patron on the butt. The patron became angry and attempted to assault the neighbor. Paul was unaware of the alleged slap, but tried to calm the situation. The female patron turned her anger on Paul. A crowd started to gather and the victim's boyfriend got involved.

Paul was struck by the female patron and the boyfriend. The angry crowd got uglier and one or more people started shouting ugly names at Paul. The crowd, female patron and her boyfriend advanced on Paul and his neighbor. Paul retreated and while retreating announced multiple times that he was an LAPD officer, while drawing his weapon. The crowd eventually stopped. Paul and his neighbor left the bar. The neighbor finally told Paul what the neighbor had done.

The police were called and Paul was arrested for brandishing a firearm in a rude or threatening manner. The neighbor was charged with assault. Paul was given a breathalyzer test. He was neither drunk nor under the influence. Paul hired Armando to help investigate the case.

Armando's interviews and observations were used by attorney William "Bill" Seki. Mr.Seki used the statements and observations at jury trial. The jury found Paul not guilty on one or more counts and "hung" on the other(s). The OCDA eventually dismissed the case in its entirety. Paul was able to return to the career he loved.

-- Attorney William "Bill" Seki, Los Angeles