These are actual case files from the offices of Armando Zatarain Investigations, an Orange County Detective (OC PI). We have either changed or omitted last names to protect the innocent and all parties concerned. Please read on to see how we can assist you with sensitive situations and problems. Armando Zatarain thanks the attorneys involved for their team work, cooperation and legal expertise in helping to resolve some very serious cases.

Zatarain Investigations Solves Child Abduction Case

One question one needs to ask themselves when their child is abducted is: Do you love your child?

It is that simple. And if you do you have to fight every waking moment to be reunited with your child. There cannot be any other priority in your life asides from being reunited with your child.

I am a victim of child abduction and possibly like everyone else that has been a victim, I could never imagine anyone being so cruel to abduct my son.

I tried every possible way to locate my son who was abducted in the 3rd week of May 2011. For over 7 months all the leads to locate my son hit a dead end. And this is working with state, federal and even university law enforcement. After emotionally, physically and emotionally exhausting a friend recommended that I retain Armando’s firm to locate my son. I was a little bit apprehensive as could not imagine what else they could do, but I do love my son and decided to engage Armando’s firm on 12/8/2011.

And what a day that was. The flurry of work that Armando and his team did was at best dizzying and they cared, God they cared. They asked me every question and coached me to share everything and anything. Things that I thought were irrelevant were relevant and things that I thought were crucial were not. This is when I realized Armando and his team are true experts, and the word “investigator” has its own planetary orbit. The tools, thoughts, and process that Armando and his team have at their disposal are just magical. And the word care comes to mind as they understood all the implicit issues and concerns that I had. They were very delicate but precise in executing every task and worked tirelessly. . Armando gave me a simple promise: “I will get your son back before Christmas.”

Additionally I got calls and emails from Armando to make sure I was keeping my emotional meridian in a calm zone and he understood the type of person that would abduct a child. His vast experience in law enforcement allowed him to work with law enforcement agencies in ways I could not. Even the day I was being reunited with my son he coached me on what could happen. And it was exactly as he predicted and did exactly what he told me.

So going back to how one should think if their child is abducted. If you love your child and want to be reunited do not be as stupid as me and try to figure it out yourself and hope you learn from my experience. What took me 7 months to locate my son, Armando and his team were able to do it in SIX yes 6 days. They will engage you, take care of you, and they will meet their word. They kept their promise to get my son back before Christmas and this is the best Christmas I have ever had.

I could not recommend them more without any degree of trepidation.

-- A Very Happy Father

Asset Search

I would like to thank Armando and Alicia for a job well done. They were able to locate my ex-husband. He had been hiding from me for 10 years. His assets were discovered, place of residence verified and his employer located. I liked working with Armando and Alicia because we worked as a team, brainstorming to reach our end goal. They were professional, courteous and continually kept me up to date on the progress of the case. I would not hesitate to use their services again or recommend them to others.

-- Public Client LMS
Southern California

Rape Case

In December 2011 Armando was contacted by attorney Daniel Cota regarding a rape case in Los Angeles. His client, Ralph A., was accused of raping his step daughter. The step daughter said that the act had been committed by the defendant in her bedroom while approximately ten other family members slept nearby in other bedrooms. The victim had instant credibility with the prosecution because she had been a police explorer prior to the incident occurring. The client initially denied all culpability to Daniel and Armando, but then admitted he had been having consensual sex with his adult step daughter.

Investigator Zatarain began the investigation by debriefing the client and documenting inconsistencies with the victim's story. Zatarain also discovered that one family member had seen the "victim" in the client's bedroom in a very compromising position. Another family member had been specifically told by the victim that she was having sex with her step father. The victim also appeared to be a habitual liar. The case went to trial in May 2012.

Attorney Daniel Cota used the investigation and his powers of persuasion to convince the jury that while the client was guilty of poor judgment; he was not a rapist. The jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict and came back without reaching a verdict. (Hung Jury).

Daniel V. Cota
West Covina