These are actual case files from the offices of Armando Zatarain Investigations, an Orange County Detective (OC PI). We have either changed or omitted last names to protect the innocent and all parties concerned. Please read on to see how we can assist you with sensitive situations and problems. Armando Zatarain thanks the attorneys involved for their team work, cooperation and legal expertise in helping to resolve some very serious cases.

Fugitive captured in Mexico

Armando Zatarain Investigations utilized resources on both sides of the border to locate and apprehend a fugitive that had absconded on bail. The bail company enlisted the aid of Armando Zatarain Investigations to prevent forfeiture of two bonds.. The fugitive was located in a small pueblo approximately three hours from Mexico City. The capture happened without incident.

-- Sean Cook, Premiere Bail Bonds; Newport Beach, CA

Double Murder

In May 2010, a double murder occurred in San Diego County. Deputies responding to a shots fired called subsequently shot and killed the shooter, a neighbor of the victims. The victims were a nice couple that were innocent victims of a mad man.

The shooting was a result of a long standing neighborhood feud. The killer was described as a loner with no known family. Attorney Joseph G. Dicks was retained by the family of the deceased and a claim was filed against the estate of the shooter. Mr. Dicks asked Armando and his staff to locate any assets that the decedent might have and any possible heirs that might have an interest in the killer's assets or estate. After a very thorough investigation and asset search Armando and his associates found two, "long lost" brothers of the decedent. Armando also located approximately $740,000 in liquid assets. The assets were in bank accounts located in San Diego, Fresno and New York. Mr. Dicks was able to freeze the accounts before the monies could be moved or lost to his clients. Mr. Dicks was able to negotiate a successful settlement for his clients with representatives of the killer's estate.

-- Attorney Joseph G. Dicks
Dicks & Workman
Attorneys at Law
San Diego

Nighttime Commercial Burglary

Our client, a young man, was charged with nighttime attempted commercial burglary, a felony and potential strike. The event occurred in LA County. He and his friend had allegedly tried to break in to a drive thru dairy by kicking in a door. They were actually going to a party next to the dairy. They parked their car in the dairy parking lot. They were sitting in the car when contacted by police with their guns drawn.

I met with the client and his parents. All three were very nice; law abiding people. The client was adamant about his innocence and refused all offers of a negotiated plea, although his co-defendant had accepted a plea agreement that actually sounded to good to be true. His case was reduced to a misdemeanor disturbance of the peace.

I went to the dairy and inspected the door and took photographs. The door was a wooden door, but it was covered with a sheet of 1/8" - 1/4" steel encased in a solid metal door frame. No amount of kicking would have defeated that door. I also noted that the witness had allegedly identified my client at night, from a distance of over 150 feet away; while driving by the dairy at approximately 40MPH. The witness would have had approximately 2-3 seconds to see the alleged crime and perpetrators.

I spoke with the friend and co-defendant; he admitted to being loud and mouthy with the investigating officers. This fact coupled with the fact he was allowed to plead to a misdemeanor disturbance of the peace led me to believe that my client and especially the co-defendant had probably failed "the attitude test."

I met with the eyewitness who had called 911 to report the suspicious activity. The police report said that she was able to clearly identify my client as present at the dairy door. This proved not to be true. I submitted a report to Daniel Cota who presented the facts to the deputy district attorney handling the case. Case dismissed.

-- Attorney Daniel Cota
West Covina and Pasadena