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Computer Forensics

In short, computer forensics (also known as digital forensics) is a means of providing digital evidence in both civil and criminal investigations. It pertains specifically to evidence that is contained on a hard drive whether it be a personal or business computer.

Many subjects do not realize that everything they do on a computer, whether it be visiting a website, sending an E-Mail or performing a financial transaction on the web leaves a digital trail that investigators are able to research and use as evidence in a court trial. As investigators we can reaseach and discover online web browsing histories and well as retrieve chat logs and more. Computer forensics even affords the possibility of capturing deleted E-Mails and images as well.

Finding the evidence on a hard drive requires special software and tools to search and analyze gigabytes of data, yet can prove useful in may trials. Evidence found on a computer hard drive can be powerful proof to persuade judges and juries.

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How We Handle Computer Forensics

Computer Forensic Evidence

First, we do no harm. Our computer forensic specialists will take a subject's hard drive and make a mirror image of it on another hard drive. This is to preserve the integrity of the original hard drive so that it may later be compared, if necessary, to our duplicate data. Every effort possible will be used to ensure that no data is corrupted by the extraction process. Our computer forensics team is well trained in the the knowledge of and legalities of computer crime and evidence. Preserving it, identifying it, then storing it for proper use as evidence at trial is our first concern.

Next we will use proven software to analyze literally gigabytes of data. This will include uncovering E-Mails, chat logs, financial transacations, images, and more. In many cases we can even retrieve documents and images that were thought deleted. The resulting finding of evidence will then be turned over to the presiding attorney for use in court.

Computer Forensics in Civil & Criminal Investigations

Computer Forensics Investigations Civil and Criminal

A computer forensic investigation, and the results thereof, can be a tremendous benefit in almost any trial civil or criminal. In many cases it can turn unadmissable hear say into solid evidence.

Just a few examples would be proof and evidence in a divorce case over computer usage in viewing pornography, fraudulent or previously unknown purchases. Use of and or storage of child pornography, use of a stolen credit card, cyberstalking, and hacking into another personal or govenment computer for purposes of theft or vandalism.

Insurance companies can and often discover fraud by means of E-Mail communication where a subject admits to the fraud in what they believe is a private communication. Larger businesses use Computer Forensics as a means of uncovering theft of proprietary material and trade secrets. The list goes on.

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It's not easy. It's not cheap. But it's powerful data and information that will provide you with the winning edge you need to win in court.

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